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PPE Helps Ronald McDonald House

Printer Parts Exchange Helps Ronald McDonald House

When Printer Parts Exchange’s Warehouse Manager, Bryan Schultz, was faced with a life changing event, he never thought his business could help those helping him and his new family as well. Bryan and his girlfriend Dani gave birth to a beautiful little girl in May of 2013. Although they knew early in the pregnancy that their daughter would be born with a difficult heart condition, they were not aware of what all that would mean for their family.

Because of the high risk of Lana’s condition and her need for immediate heart surgery, she needed to be at the Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee which is nowhere near their home. The Ronald McDonald house, ideally located right across the street from the hospital, now serves as a home away from home for Dani and Bryan. Recently he summed up his feelings in an entry to The Interro Bang:

“The second savior to us is the Ronald McDonald House. This place has restored my faith in mankind. Its ran by volunteers and funded by donations. Complete strangers cook us dinner every night. My first night eating a meal there I was so overcome with emotion I teared up eating a hot dog.”

As Bryan mentioned, the Ronald McDonald House is funded solely from donations and provides a safe place to stay for families who are dealing with situations similar to Bryan’s. They help ease some of the worry so that parents can focus on getting their children better and spend as much quality time with them as possible. Established in 1974, RMHC has grown to over 300 worldwide homes and even new mobile care facilities as well. As one of its most well known programs, the Donation Box program celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2011. As the largest ongoing fundraiser for the Charity, it had collected $200 million in donations up to that date.

During his stay at the House in Milwaukee, Bryan noticed they did not have a working printer. Many families find printers useful as they have documents to print and lots of information to keep track of. Without a blink, he mentioned this to Printer Parts Exchange and they started rebuilding a new machine for them right away. Today, that new machine is helping families with work, fun and medical paperwork as they need it.

We can all find ways to give back to organizations that mean the most to us. We urge you to find a local charity (RMHC is a great one!) and do what you can to help them. Money, supplies or just your time can impact so many. Our family at PPE loves giving back, even in small ways!

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