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PPE Makes Toner Cartridge Recycling Easier than Changing a Pickup Roller


PPE Makes Toner Cartridge Recycling as Easy as Changing a Pickup Roller

At PPE we know that recycling those pesky toner cartridges can be as easy as just one click.  After countless hours of research and hard work on our end, we have managed to put together a program that makes recycling toner cartridges one click away…literally. Printer Parts Exchange is excited to introduce to the marketplace our Universal Toner Recycling Icon.  This one of a kind program makes recycling easy for your business while saving you hours of paperwork, warehouse space and hundreds of dollars in shipping costs. The best part is, it’s all on the house, FREE!

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “what’s the catch?” Well, there there isn’t one. At Printer Parts Exchange we understand how difficult and expensive it can be to round up your empty cartridges and ship them to be recycled. Follow the green arrow to our Toner Recycling Icon at, you can take the worry out of this task. Simply enter your shipping address and a FREE return label will promptly be sent to you. Don’t have a box to use? No worries, we can send you that as well, FREE of charge.

Our Toner Recycling Icon can be added to your web page FREE of charge and your customers can enter their information and receive the same FREE labels and boxes that you do. The best part, you won’t need to be part of the transaction. Still thinking there’s a catch? No worries. Printer Parts Exchange is a green printer part provider who strives to make recycling a top priority!

Maybe a few of these commonly talked about statistics will help you understand why we’d like to make recycling easier for the marketplace:

  • Placed end to end, non-recycled cartridges could span the earth nearly 3 times on an annual basis
  • It takes an entire gallon of oil to produce just one new toner cartridge
  • 350 million cartridges are sent to landfills each year - each cartridge takes 450 years to decompose and parts of them can take up to 1000 years
  • Each year the number of toner cartridges sent to landfills increases by 12%
  • 70% of all toner cartridges are NOT recycled

If PPE can make even a small difference, we will and in order to make a difference we have to make it easy. Not just easy for you, but for your customer as well. If you’d like additional details on our program or would like to get your website set up with the Toner Recycling Icon, contact Or call toll free at 1-877-562-3490 and we will walk you through placing our icon on your website so you and your customers can start being green one click at a time.

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