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Printer Parts Exchange Makes Your iPhone Work For You!!

Printer Parts Exchange Makes Your iPhone Work For YOU!!

In a busy and competitive marketplace, Printer Technicians need every advantage they can get. Printer Parts Exchange has changed the accessibility these technicians have to everyday part numbers, technical information, full color photos and support details by the introduction of their iPhone application launched in March of 2012. At only $0.99 per download, this web application is not only affordable, but in many cases can pay for itself with one use.

The application will allow users to see commonly used printer parts such as fusers, maintenance kits and rollers as well as technical information pertaining to each. Once you find the part you’re looking for, click on the TECH NOTES or VIEW DETAILS icon for further data. Printer Parts Exchange, in real time, has the ability to update these details for all users without a new download or update from Apple. If you need to verify a part but don’t have the part number, the full color photos are a great feature as well.

Users in 18 countries have downloaded this application with ease and last month alone 200 new downloads were successful. With just a few clicks on the iTunes Store, you can download your own version by searching for "printer parts" and clicking on Printer Parts Exchange. This application is compatible with the iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices and requires iOS 4.2 or later to use. Printer Parts Exchange primarily supports HP, Dell, Lexmark and Xerox printers and their parts, but has access to many, many more brands and machines when customers need them. Direct access to the Printer Parts Exchange website and company contact information is available on the application as well.

If you’re looking to save time and money while increasing your overall productivity on the job, this tool may be just what you’re looking for! Contact Printer Parts Exchange or visit iTunes today to get started with your new job tool. You won’t be disappointed that you did!!

"Glad I found this one. It got me out of a real jam with a client! Thanks for taking the time to put this together." – Lewalker (new application user)

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